Mac Software Recommendation List

Just listed some computer software that I used on my Mac. Keep it as record, and also can provide reference for some friends.

Keep Updated


  1. Some of them are paid APPs, and there are many free and open source as well, but the APP depends on the output value at last. These APPs have greatly helped my work and life, and they are worth it.
  2. Due to personal reasons, some paid apps are solved by student license or trial. Student certification is free and the functions are complete. The trial version also has complete functions, but there is a time limitation, but if there is a way to clear the trial record, you can always use it. Of course, if this trick is not good, you can only TNT.
  3. For paid APPs, you can buy it if you can afford it, and support genuine.
  4. Some apps on So will be replaced from time to time.
  5. When choose constantly and advance the APPs, I have a little feeling that APPs to us is just like a sword is to swordsman, not much, but in its ease and sharpness. So choose the one that suits you, and then learn more about it, and ultimately improve your efficiency and make your work and life better.

APPs List

APPs Function Paid or not Comments
Alfred Productivity Tool Paid
Dash API Documentation Browser Paid
Moom Window management Paid
Evernote Knowledge Management Paid/Annual subscription
Bartendar System Menu Management Paid
Intelij IDEA IDE Paid/Free for students
DataGrip DataBase Paid/Free for students
Fantastic2 Calendar Paid
Surge Network toolbox Paid
1Password Password Management Paid/Annual subscription
Telegram Secure Communication, the best IM. Free
Wechat IM Free
Chrome Browser And Debugging Tool Free
Typora MarkDown Editor Free
keka Archiver Free Official Website Free,AppStore Paid
Kindle E-Book Reader Free
Things GTD Paid
PostMan Network Tool Free
iTerm2 Terminal Free
IINA Media Player Free
iHosts! Host Management Free
Visual Studio Code Lightweight Text Editor Free
zoom.us Online Meeting Free
OmniGraffle Flow Chart Paid/Free for students
Snipaste Screenshot Free
PicGIF Lite Gif Maker Free
Photoshop Graphic Design Paid/Free trial
Parallels Desktop Simulator Paid/Free trial
CleanMyMac X System Management Tool Paid/Free trial
EuDic Dictionary Paid
Office 365 Office Paid
FileZilla Pro FTP Paid/Annual subscription
Another Redis Desktop Manager Redis Client Free
MarginNote 3 e-reader,mindmapping, flashcards and more Paid
Karabiner-Elements Keyboard customizer Free
Docker Container management Free


There is no best app absolutely, while only the right tool, above is just for your reference.