Alfred workflow for daily high frequency use

I love Alfred so much that once I find one of my efficiency needs, I will study the feasibility of Alfred. If it is feasible, I will immediately find a third-party or my own custom development. Until today, I have developed 16 workflows, and there are also many experience posts, so proud of myself.

Whether it is self-developed or third-party, most of them are used frequently in my daily life. Share here, maybe I can help some friends.


Click the workflow title link to access the download page. The download page will have an introduction, so I won’t go into details here, just show the main functions with GIF animation


  1. Airdrop

  2. Currency Converter

  3. Dash

  4. Eudic Tools

  5. GitHub

  6. JetBrains - Open Project - v3

  7. New File

  8. OCR

  9. Pic Uploader

  10. Surge

  11. Switch Sound Output

  12. 印象笔记

Write at the End

  • Efficiency tools are not the best, just fit
  • In the actual installation and use, there may be tracks, there are the following solutions
    • Here, I maintain a lot of issues that I have encountered in actual use Click here to search if there are related problems, and welcome to raise issues
    • Ask questions on the download page of the above workflow, enthusiastic community enthusiasts or authors will reply